Sunday, February 26, 2012


            Edmodo is a type of blog posting site, but can be used for much more. The site is often used by K-12 educators.  After doing a bit of exploring on the Edmodo site, I found other ideas of how to use this Web 2.0 technology in the classroom. Edmodo could be used as a jigsaw learning tool in which groups in your classroom could research different aspects of one culture for example, and then share their part of the research with the class on the Edmodo blog.  Students in 4th grade often still have trouble with punctuation and grammar. It may be meaningful to teach grammar lessons about posts students make on Edmodo.  One of my favorite things about Edmodo is that it’s a great place to teach students about Netiquette, since teachers are able to moderate comments. Edmodo can be a place to teach students how to safely use other social networking sites like Facebook.

            I have already used Edmodo to explore technology related issues with the faculty at my school.  I plan to start a blog to use with my students to discuss the literature circle book we’re reading, Double Fudge.  I’m very excited!

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  1. I created a SILA TECH group using Edmodo but after playing around with it decided to go with Edublogs instead. I will have to give Edmodo another shot - unlike Edublogs it allows you to post assignments which is nice. I could see this being useful during our school's July session when the rising seventh graders have a a month-long project on the Chesapeake Bay. Instead of trying to keep track of different papers and due dates, it would all be in one place.